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Exploring Lijiang

Climbing Elephant hill

so today was a free day to do as we please. A cute town to explore and all day to do it, what to do first. Got to sleep in slighty although it was quite loud since there is holes in my room and a bird downstaris but managed to sleep till about 7:30 so not bad then read a bit very relaxing. Met ppl at about 915 and went for breakfast, had the naxi breakfast, which is friend eggs gian toast fried goat cheese and some potatoes thing which was very very good gonna make it for you dad whe ni get home you would love it. THen some of us went to Black Dragon Pond park thing and everyone chicken out but me and mark to climb elephant hill, it was a long ways up but absoultely breath taking views of all of lijaing. Its this lil town well quite large really nestled in between the mountains, one side of mountains is blanketed with green foresty and the other side is heaved with stone. Amazing! That took pretty muh all morinng and by the time we got out of park it was time to eat, we were hungry. Found another cute lil place that was in lonely planet and so we enjoyed our dinner. I watched Dark Night with Evan and mark then we went to the Naxi orchestra which was interesteign since the ppl are really old most of them in the 80s. But too much talking that i couldnt understand so not great but kinda cool. I picked up snakc since we leave early tom for tiger leaping gorge. And now eating a banana filled pancakey thing, qute goood... (mom the call for 17 min was lesss than 10 yuan, so it is super cheap so call whenever you want, we better use up those minutes, so give me a try in the morning or tom night my time, kinda tired to figure it out in your time sorry. but i am 14 hours ahead) So you can try. k well off hiking I go....

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Exploring DaLi to Lijiang

on the 13th we took a day tour around this lake htat i dont know the name of off hand, first took a bus to this lil village town area and walked thorugh a local market, which was quite an experience。 This lady on our tour was bombarded and they wouldnt leave her alone, they followed her the whole time we were there and never even asked me, if they did i was quite rude and shook my head and said ’bou yuo‘ which means “i dont want it”, they didnt like me。 in this market was much raw meat, and i mean dirty raw, intestines splattered all over tables and one thing that scared me and evan was the random pig heads, and huge pig head, seen many htings i was not fond of。 WEnt to a fishing village where we got to see the local Bai people, the ladies area ll dressed in blue with colorful head dressing things。 It was also a good day to go, the day before tomb sweeping day, so there was a ceremony that the women were performing that we got to witness。 THey were all sitting together in a square and singing and hitting bells。 The old ladies are so beautiful, and jsut hte cutest people i have ever seen。 GOt in trouble by one lady, not sure why but she came up to me nad was hand gesturing and talking then hit me on the hip as she walked by。 No idea what i did。 After luch we biked about 20 km or so。 Along the lake, and up a mountain, kinda difficult but well worth the view。 Oh ya and i got tooken out by a donkey and its load, we were pulled over waitng for everyone when these donkeys were coming and i was taking a picture then it just knew that it was to get on that trail right in front of me, i didnt even see it coming till the straw and wood sticking about 3 ft out beside it wiped me and my bike, pushing us nearly down the side of this cliff。 It was quite funny for everyone watching。 All in all a very good day。 Then today we drove to Lijiang, another really touristy town。 Full of cobblestone streets and lil alleys, very easy to get lost, but beautiful place to do it。 Shope around every corner and a rivers to follow everywhere。 Finally we found this lil cafe that has internte and supposed to have good breakfast, will find out in the mornign。 The drive here was absolutley amazing like usual。 Sometiems the driving is my favorite part, see som uch country side。 Tom is a free day to explore, then hiking tiger leaping gorge the day after。 Sorry for such a long one but wanted to be updated。。

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Da Li

shopping spree

Today we took a bus after a great buffet breakfast to Dali. 5 hour bus ride wher i had to sit next to a woman that would not shut up. She was some random girl not on the tour, but she just wouldnt stop talking to me. So annoying, i eventually had a few minutes wher i stuck my headphones in to give her the hint, didnt work but when i strated to yawn and shut my eyes she turned to the side to start talking to someone else. But to make up for the awful seat neighbour i had a beautiful scenery along the way. Rice paddies and mile upon miles of corn, i have never seen so much in my life. ANd the lil villages along hte highway had mirrals on the sides, beautiful painintgs that stand out brilliantly against the white rickety buildings. It was quite 'nice' as all the engligh,scottish and irish people would say that are on othe tour. We got to our hotel which i dont know the name of but its very very nice. I am so exited to have a bath opposed to a shower, the tub is like new jacuzzi. The last one was nicley sprinkled with mold that i did not dare to step into. But this hotel has hit number one in my books, and i get the room all to myslef. Most of us just walked around the market area all afternoon. Very nice market, full of fun stuff and i have already spent too much today,. I have not bought anything prety much whole trip and today i made up for it, now i am going to have the difficulty of where to pack it all. Tomorrow we are doing a tour thiung around the lake, and 25km bike ride. Shall be fun hopefully no rain...ill let you know how it was tomorrow night...

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Last Segment

Joining the tour

So today i flew from Chengdu to Kunming. I left to early though and waited at airport for a while, but this morning i had a guy ask me if i wanted to go to tibet with him today, he just needed one more person to go to make a group to get in he had found a few others. I thought man would it ever be fun to just swing by the seat of your pants, no plans just oging with the flow, maybe ill try that sometime, if someone is with me. ANyways so i got to kunming and met a girl in the airport htat was gonna try out the same hotel i had to go to so we took a cab together and on the way had some convo about places we were and talking english meeting people and such. So she was tellling me about these two guys she met in mongolia from Vancouver island and she thought 'awsome some guys that look fun and normal and she was excited to make some frinds' then she said " they were JW's and they started giving me pamphlets and trying to convert me" i kinda laughed and said cool, she didnt think it was very cool. THen I asked where about they were from or what there names were and she didnt know then she asked if i was one and said ya. She didnt really know what to say. It was just really funny and like what a conincidence, it was neat. Anywyas once i go there i went to bank and exchanged my money and then shoppped a bit. Went to Walmart supercentre,so differnet. But i bought some neat candies and foods to try when i get home for everyone to try. I was asking one person for coconut powder and then like 8 girls surrounded me and then they were yelling and callin another perosn, theis girl could actually pseak english. So i asked her fro some traditional chinese candies and she picked out her favorites things, kinda neat so i got some stuff that are local products. Met up with tour group. Seems good, very versatile. Some of htem seem like they could be partiers. THere is one family with a 15 year old boy and a couple with a brother and then some single people. Very nice range, will be good. I have my own room which may be nice i think. Well we just got done playing a our own chinese version of spoons, we used chopsticks. Interesting. WEll anyways off to Dali tomorrow. 10 Days....

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Chengdu Giant Pandas

Again Lisas Uncle was super nice and drove us and her cousin to chengdu andone of lisas friends came along with to the Giant Panda Breedng Research Base, it wasawesome. I dont thinki have ever seen real live pandas before so thatwas new. They weresleeping at first but after dinner we got tosee them liven up a bit. THey areonly cute after about half year or year, tehy are kinda scary lookng as babies, gossed me out a bit. There movements are so soft but laxy loike. They dont have that good of balance they would stand up for an apple and would just like slump over afterafew steps. And when they climb a tree they justslide doown it and fall over backwards at the bottom, so cute to watch em hit each othertoo, just pushing one another. It was reallycute. After we left we went with Lisas frined to her place wherewe wereplanning on stayng the nigt, but after about two minutes benig there the personfrom downstairs came and banged on the door. Never thought a lil old lady could make so much hassle. She told them that foreigners are not allowed to stay cuz of such high security and stuff cuz tehgovernemnt buildings are across thestreetor soemthing, So i had to find a hostel, but Lisa and Yolanda her friend helped. Ivan another one of Lisasfriends met us and we wentfor hot pot for supper. That wsquite the experience. Just a huge pot of water and spice and oil in the middle and you order veggies and meat and put into the pot to cook. Then take what you like and dip it in your seperate bowl of oil to get rid of thehotness. Had some food i have neverheard of or tasted and prob wont eat again. But it was really neat. And then we went for ice cream, which wast really ice cream mor elike ice with fruit, its taiwan style. Something different. The custom here is as the chinese host to pay for everything, so Ivan paid for itall i feel so guilty but they wont let you touch anythng. Same as Lisas uncle paid for everything today, its so nice makes me feel so bad cuz i prob wont eversee em agian but they are still so nice.... So now in hostel getting ready for bed and tom fly to kunming for tour. which means the last segment of my trip has arrived. cant beleive it only 11 days till i board the plane to Regina, how estatic am I??? Super duper excited. As much as I am having a ball and experiencing so manynew things I am ready to getback into everyday life and to see all my family and close friends. Talk to you soon, ill let you know how my tour group loooks maybe tomoorrow night...

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