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Hong Kong to Guangzhou to Beijing

July 15-17

35 °C

Well finally got a hold of a computer been trying for a few days. i love all your comments they make me smile, loved yours bren gave me something to laugh about. Well so in hong kong on the 15 we went shopping all day long ate breakfast and then not agin til supper, so odd for me but i dont even wnat to eat here, no appetite. Not sure if its the smell or just cuz so busy. lets go with busy! I wished i could put up pictures but having a few difficulties so you may have to be picturelss for a while and see em all when i get back. Shopping was crazy, we went down an electronics street where we went into one building and wall to wall front and back full of cell phones cheaper than other places cuz no warranty, so overwhelming and lil tiny stores about 4x4, not even kidding. People squich in to talk and look very difficult. After many hours of cell shopping we finally settled and both bought on, i am really hoping mine will work in canada hte man told me it would but who knows. The streets fill with outdorr markets where you bargain, mom you would be proud i can actually bargain now, saved myself a few hundred buck, HK dollars that is. after supper that night we went to hotel to sit, then after half hour of relax out we were agian, walking to subway to catch ferry across to hong kong island to watch the symphony of lights, spectacular sight. Lights on all the buildings flaching across the entire harbour absolutley breathtaking. after we walked to subway to get to peak tram whcih take sus up to a look out tower that over looks the entire city. At night there is less smog so you can see everything. I saw a BK in the tower and i have never more wanted a fast food burger. you all know i dont care for fast food but it tasted great. Those views made Hong Kong enjoyable. But even more did i realize Hong Kong was great when i went to guangzhou. i was scared. No engligh anywhere barley. The train was two hour ride and i saw much countryside, even saw a lonley skinny cow. there is barley any animals aournd. Brendan i know what your thinking!! When we got to guangshou i needed money which took a while and was confusing thank goodness for LIsa. Arrival at the hotel made it worse, supposedly a 3 star, it was not done being cleaned when we got there so we waited and once it was all done i felt better, and could relax with air conditioning which is a blessing. Lisas' frined pickes us up and took us to a museum of some sort so gorgeous the wood carvings are very precise and very skilled. I loved that place, such skill and time put into the building and garden around. Supper that evenign was interesting, they ordered about 12 dishes cuz everyone shares there so got to try lots, some red bean jelly thing, a chicken dish and vegtables i cant pronounce nor spell the names so thats all i know about them. The nigh tgot worse as another lady cam eto see LIsa and wanted to walk to river which was pretty but hte walk was about 2 hours along hte streets where we were exhausted already, but i survived!! The weather here is not high temp, well b/t 25-30 bt so muggy and humid as soon as step outisde sweat is dripping. Good ole fellner genes!
Now today flew to Beijing, olympic game city, signs everywhere. I was so releived to hear Iris call my name at the airport I was getting worried that she wouldnt be htere. But she is taking good care of me. Got my cell hooked up and fed me and let me sleep. Took me to the largest university in Beijing and very top notch, her boyfriend graduated from there just in July so he took us there. Went shopping a bit and went to olypmic store, pretty crowded. Peopel here are such hard workers, took taxi home at 9 and men still shovelling up cement, i hav enot seen one machine to break up hte cement or anyhting all done by hand. Driving is exciting never in the right lanes or any lane at all and bikes coming form all directions and everyone is honking and always have to be cautious of pedestrians cuz no driver stops for a crosswalk so ped. have to time it right and just in and out of traffic. Crazy....
Everything is good hear for a few days in Beijing. To forbidden city tom, then great wall cant wait for that one, then summer palace and relax day before shanghai. Will be updating soon again. Really wished you could see pictures. Oh well.. Love you all and miss you too. (mishonna and Ang giv eme suggestions for gifts cuz i am having difficulty and dont have much room i have to carry it cuz it might be really expensive for shipping)

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Arrive in Hong Kong

we are finally here..... and tired as ever. Had trouble sleeping on the plane but got to watch a few movies and eat some decent food and now that i have got here the plane food was pretty good i am a lil concerned about the food over the next few weeks none of the restaurants that we have seen smell very good or look clean... just what i expected but only its real now.
After landing we took the air bus which is just a double decker bus which saved us 100 Hong kong dollars. the exchange is 6.28 HK for 1.00 CA. We found our hotel and then decided to check out the night market a few blocks away. once we got there and in a few shops it started to pour, and some thunder and lighniting. THe weather is hot and muggy here. so we tryied to shop but realized we were too tired. We just got back to the hotel now and are gonna hit the sack cuz tom we have a full day of shopping and the light show on the harbor and maybe up to vitoria peak if possible. Oh i forgot to say that on the bus on the way i saw some apartments and everyone has a hanging rack out there window weird!! Anywyas thought it was kinda cool.
So Good night!!!!!

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Getting ready

Just finished cape scott on wednesday and me and the girls (mom, janine, angela) going to spend one last night together before the big trip in Vancouver on saturday, I fly out on Sunday at 12:45... cant wait...

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