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Day and night life in shanghai

today was interesting. Woke up late kinda about 8 ish and had some breakfast, caught a cab with a guy in my room to Huangpu river, so then i walked along the bund, no so pretty during day. But a met a lady from mexico and spend the day with her. We went up the oriental pearl tower, tallest tower in asia and overlooked shanghai. It was good, pictures would be better minus the smog. BUT>>>> THen i walked along Nanjian road to find a pizza hut i was drawn in. Thought about Dad wishe dhe was there with me. Came back to house about 5 ish and then hung out and met up with HUang and we went to the bund at night, along nanjian road, had some milk tea thing with big black tapicoa like things, not bad. Then he took me to a near by bar close to hostel, called Babarossa, since it was ladies night i had a drink on the roof looking out at these beautiful skyscrapers, somthign i dont see in Regina. Adn i beleive that drugs are not illegal, cuz people all over the bar was at it. Slightly awkward for me, but we were only there for about 15 min maybe half hour just to see. Oh and one thing i forgot was that this mexican lady wanted to go to a museum so i said sure it close by and when i walked in it turned out to be a sex culture andhistory museum, that was quite somthing, somthing maybe i never really want to see again. haha!!! But after this evenin, i feel a lil more comfortable with things, had fun met some people, all in good spirits tongith. I will see what tommorrow brings with the trip to hangzhou...

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Alone in Shanghai

Just arrived

So now it is just about 9:30 and i just got here into my hostel after a long day off doing nothing at all it seems. After awakening and saying goodbye to Iris we ventured to the airport shuttle bus leaving Beijing. Sad time, wont see IRis for a while probably but sure enjoyed out time together. Arrived at the airport by 12 had 3 hours to do nothing so i just sat. Then on the plane met a few people from California and a guyn from Australia that is backpacking but on way home. After a few stressful hours to find the hostel i made it. First impression not great, smells pretty bad and on the walk here i saw a kid but naked and he was taking a poo on a cardboard box on the side of the street. The hostel is tucked away in this shabby neighbour hood but once you get into it it is ok. Rooms are airconditioned thank goodness and each has a seperate locker. ONly problem now is that I can only have two night so for the last two nights i have to find somewhere else. What to do what to do. But mom my hotel in thailand is fixed they got me another room so that is fine. Well i am gonna go and look around i guess see what i can find out. Just wanted to let everyone know that i am safe and all right, maybe a few bad nights but i will make it ahha.

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sunny 31 °C

plans changed, since Iris parents have one vehicle with even and one odd, we got to take the van today on even day. All of us. After a two hour drive and fried dumplings for breakfast and a hard hike up, i saw the most breathtakin view i have ever seen. WOW, cant even explain. THe hike up was even great, even with the sweat puring off i didnt care, i enjoyed every step. Iris parents didnt come up and Iris and Lang went up to tower six and i went to tower 8 all the way to 14 and then took a cable car down alone. Once i reached the top i just stood nad stared in all directions. So hard to beleive that 2000 years later this huge hand built architectual amazement is still standing. I asked for many pictures and got to see quite a few other foreigners. THe mountains surrounding the wall are blanketed with green coats the ones in the distance behind a haze is magnificent. Once at the bottom, locals are tying to sell things and they sure got me to buy stuff. They are very pushy, one girl got me into a corner and i couldnt get out i pretty much had to push her out of the way. Ate some local food, like the famoue beijing duck tonight. Iris paretns took me out for supper, and for luch we stopped on the edge of the road and ate burnt corn on the cob. At supper we had, cucumbers with vineger, friend shredded potatoes with pepper, duck lung, three kinds of mushrooms with a sauce, shredded jellyfish, and ducks palm of hand with mustard. SO that was interesting and i kind of enjoyed it maybe a little. Also got to eat pecans fresh right out of the shell, and have been eating a bit of fresh litchi, pretty sticky and alot of work to peel it for the little amount of fruit. One mor eday in Beijing, tomorrow is relax day just to do some buisness and hang out with Iris before I leave.

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Summer Palace

Went to summer palace and was my favorite place so far. ABsolutley amamzing. Huge and beautiful and peaceful, as peaceful as it can get anywya. THe colors are amazing and hte pictures do no justice. the most beatiful part was the mountains in hte background with a huge tower temple thing of some sort, in a slight fog it was gorgeous. Got dressed in traditional chinese clothes nad took a picture. Kinda fun. Today was hot about 35 and sunny but it didnt bother me much i had so much fun and was just in amazement by hte views. So after about 3 hours we left and were kinfda lost then a lil man on a bike with a two seat thing behind him asked us something, i couldnt understand but we got a ride to the busstop with him, it was really cool. Now just wating for supper, Iris family has a women coem in to clean and she is making dumplings for supper. Then off to the opera i go. Hopefully i enjoy it. ANd the plan was for tom to go to the wall but beacuse of olympics there is a restrictoin for driving, starting July 20th on even days only the license plates that end with an even number can drive and then on odd days odd licesne plates can drive and since Iris families car is odd we have to wait till monday. Kinda dissapointd since that is the one most important thing i want to see her. But i will get there on monday.

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Forbidden City

33 °C

got to sleep in today, woke up to heavy rain though, so we waited for a bit and it stopped about 1030 so then we went to tiannemen square and forbidden city. The first site of the square was mindblowing, almost not able to see the street or entrance all you could see was people. As we walked up i noticed a large increase in foreigners, anyone that i saw that could speak engligh or looked like the might be able to i smilled and had the tendencay to want to follow them. The comunication aspect is difficult to overcome. THe forbidden city is huge, i got lost trying to find hte exit. My favorite part was the Yuhuan yuan garden, like the imperial garden. Very pretty and peaceful when you can ignore all the people and noise of several languages all blurrred into one. We had a cold treat to cool us down since i was sweating my shirt in the back was yet from my bag, i had frozen yougurt on a stick, and IRis had green bean icecream. Then a few korean boys from a huge korean tour wanted to take a picture with us, and later i felt like a superstar when about 6 smller chinese kids came up and asked in english to take a picture with me. SO cute, just wanted to practice englich i think. The city is so huge and the buildings amazing, so old from 1600 and still standing in good shape. Very gorgeous. One english man asked if i had to pay more for my hat to match my camera, thanks girls people are now making fun of me for matching haha. Not like i look bad enoug as it is, sweaty, crazy hair, no makeup, just awful pictures not to pretty. Today when we went to this mall full of big names like coach and gucci and wahtever i felt so out of place, got in troble for taking a pictre the coach bags being the lowest class brand in that mall a bag was about 5000 yuan which is just over 700 dollars CA. So girls no hand bags for you!!! And when shopping at a normal mall today theyhave too good of service gets annoying. As soon as you walk in the store someone asks you , then follows you arond the store and is like shopping for you, picks out clothes, or will find all your sizes and does everythign, puts you in a room to try on and as soon as you open the door htey lay all the clothes you have on just right to fit correctly. I came out of a room and this man was helping me, he just grabbed the shirt and i was surprised and kinda got scared haha. I feel like a mouse being stalked by a cat when shopping. Oh for supper we had frog, not too fond of it but had to try. Oh and crossing the street is so hectic, we are crowded and pushed between two busses about 3 ft apart with about 60 people pushing theer way through and they just keep driving, then i thoguht i was deaf when he honked his horn and i was right by his side, frantic mess!!! I am gonna have to take a video of corssing a street to really put into effect. Kinda sick of hearing hoinking and being pushed around. By hte end of the day i am ready just to put my earplugs in and have silence, no music just silence! That must be the farm girl in me. Tomorrw off to summer palace and then i am going to the Sichuan opera, since the beijing opera is not playing kinda sad about that. But all will be good.

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