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Elephant riding

Lampang to Chaing Rai

today was hte best yet. WEnt to the elephant conservation and watched the mahouts bath the elephants so adorbale. It was like a huge water fight, elephants shoooting and spraying everyone with their trunks and they get them to spray everyone watching it was hilarious. THen they put on a show where they painted and could buy their painintgs, it was really super neat. WE got to ride for half hour thorugh the jungle. The roughgest ride ever, just sway back and forth and got to go in water, it was so amazing. Loved it. Seen baby elepehants and got to make some paper from dung it was interesting, but all good for environment. THen Lee out tour guide had a suprise for us, we stopped on the side at a pineapple field and had fresh pineapple, we ate about 7 pineaplle it was the best i have ever tasted. Oh and ANg i got that picture you requested, i ate a bug, yu would be proud. I was suprised i actaully did it. NOt sure what it was but it was interesting, just crunchy and oily. THe drive to chaing rai was beatuiful. Riained pushed past the suna dn teh bright rays shuinig on the fallin wayer glistened on the road. Amazing. Then it got dark and lightningh such power there is, teh mountains were black and the sky was dark and it brought an eery feeling but absolutley magnificent. Loved it. Now we are heading out for supper. Well see waht tom brings, Lee keeps suprising us, cant wait....

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Sukothai to Lampang

yesterday we spent the morning biking around a historical parrk. Saw many temples nad buddhas and things in that nature. The lanscape is gorgeous, very fresh and green, more open. And sky, i can see it now, no more smog to hide the rich blue sky and fluffy white clouds. After bking a few of us wen tot tour a local school. It was fantastic, couldnt stop smiling, all the children were estatic to shake our hands and say hello, tehy just wanted to use the english way to greet people. they were taking pictures of us it was very nice to see them so happy. Loved it. Then we visited a pottery village, kinda neat. IN the late afternoon we layed by the pool side and basked in the sun,felt awesoeme to laze around and do nothing, very refreshing. I was kinda sick lately, had a cold which is pretty much gone and then wokle up wiht a stomache ache yesterday so took it easy eating but feelign better today. last night fo rsuypper we went to a lil strreet side restyaurant, m eand angela shared some pad thai, sweet and sour vegtable and tofu and some red cury chicken. All pretty good though. Seen men walkin elphnats down the road it was so sad, i feel awful for hte elephants. What a shame, what some people do for money. Today we are hoppin on a bus to lampang for a horse carriage ride around the town and then the next day to the elephant ride. excited for that...

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Northern Thailand discovery

Got into bangkok yesterday about an hour and a half late, made it to hotel and checked in. Met my roomaate for hte next 9 days, Angela conelly, a dental assistant from Vancouver. Awesoem person! WE went around koh san road last night, its a lil market based for tourists, alot of backpackers there. Really loved the atmosphere, music playing on the street, and aewsome stuff, jewlery and dresses and wahtever. it was great. THis morning we took a boat ride through the canals to the floating market, very local kinda thing. Fed some fish, then went to Wat Pho, reclining buddha. INteresting, had to take off shoes, make sure shoulders and knees were covered. THen we walked to the vegtebale market, amazing the amount of fresh vegtables they have on the streets, so much, unbeleiveable. ANd waht made me jealous was the flowere market, amazing fresh floweres in abundance, like lilys orchids roses everythign it was gorgeous. we took local transport back, callled a tuk tuk, a lil bike thing with a bench room for three. packed up our stuff and hopped in a mini vans to the bus station. Ate luch there, lil scary but allright. Rode a 6 hour bus to sukothai, arrived about 9 had supper and thats all folks. tom we k\go biking and the choice of visitng the school or hiking in the park. prob the school for me...

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last day alone

many new friends

So today has been the day i have been longing for, for a whie now, and i am finally used to it. Alone in a strange, and gigantic city, something i never thought i could do. I enjoyed my day today greatly, woke up and had breakfast with joline \, we rented bikes and rode to the pagoda and cycled around west lake, best bike ride i have ever had!!! Scenery is mindblowing, very peaceful once blocked out all the noise. Until we hit some traffic, even if you use your lil horn thing noone cares so you pretty much have to hit em until the move and hten we had to ride on the side of the street with buses within an arms length. Quite a experince.
Another good thing happened when i over heard a coupe saying they wanted to go to shanghai today and so i interrupted and said lets share a cab to the train station, we got hte same train and travelled together to shanghai, when we met a nother backpacker who happend to be staying in the same hostel as me so we found our way together then we went out for supper and had the best conversations this evening.People who travel this way have a very similar mind set and have so much in common about life lessons and such good converstaion peice. Great day, now that i am used to travelling alone and just meeting up with anyone and gettin around and having a good time it is time to head to Bangkok thailand, for tour. i am sure i will enjoy it, i know i will. Everyne i met today has the same opinion as me, too many people, no personal space, ect. Glad to hear i am not the only one that thinks that way. haha...
Flight is super early tom, so need my rest, talk to you from thailand soon.

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Today was literally blistering hot, 40 degrees, i got some weird blisters on my feet, the skin is peeling awasy, they dont hurt bad though. So i left the Etour hostel in shanghai about 830 ish and went to train station, so that was my first time on the subway alone, which was difficult cuz no english signs so i really had to listen and thankgoodness my stop was Shanghai South Railway station, easy to understnad over speaker compared to a chinese word. Then took a taxi here to new hostel which is nice, not as good as other one, the beds are super duper hard but only one night here. I did laundry and then walked around the lake which is phenomanal. Met a girl named Joeline from the netherlands, so we met up in the park along the lake and walked around stopped at a lake front restaurant ate right on the water, beautful. We have something in common too, we both love love ice cream so we got haggen daws or whatever, great night. Ice cream along a lake overlookin mountains, that is my kinda holiday haha. In the morning hopefull can rent a bike with her and ride around the lake, then i got to get to station few hours early becasue friday so that i can get a ticket to shanghai. All will go well...

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