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Giant Buddha

Yesterday we went in the morning to see the gian buddha, which is really really huge. I am about the sizer of his fingernail maybe his baby toe. Pretty cool. Even though the weather was foggy and rainy again so i never got to see the view of the city but it still was pretty neat. AFter tha LIsas uncle picked us up and took us for briazilian BBQ it was kinda cool, the ppl walk around with BBQd stuff on prongs and we tell em if we wnat a peice then they force it or cut it right off hte stick and slap it on your plate. Some really good stuff. After that they dropped us off at a place to get our nails done where it cost less than 10 CA to get both my fingers and toes painted with spearkels and flowers pretty neat. Later in the evening we met up with LIsas class mates from high schol and went for supper and KTV. KTV is like a thing they all do for fun here, its a seperate room and ther eis karokee and drinks nad games. It was really fun even though very embarrasing being the only one sining an english song and all the english songs htey had really sucked very slow but it was fun. I learnt a new game again, some sort of drinking game with dice not sure the name but pretty fun. WEll today we are off to Chengdu to see pandas and shopping. THen tom I leave to kunming for last segment of trip which is my tour. Only 13 dyas left... Miss ya all

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Mt. Emei

withLisa in Le Shan

Sorry guys that i havent wrote for a few days but that is cuz i was staying on a mountain called mount emei. IT was beautiful, even though it rained at the top so i never got to see what i had been so excitedf or, but it was still awesoem. THe first day i got to chengdu Lisa picked me up at the airport, it was so nice to see a familair face. We came back to le Shan her home town and her parents welcopmed me like family. IT was so nice. The mnorning of the 7th we left in a police car which was her uncles personal driver he took us to the mountain and he arrived about 11 ish and alll day to explore. On our walk in it started to rain and so we pulled out the umbrella which helped but my pants were soaked up to the knees. WE had to just sit it out for a bit until someone from our hotel came to us and directed ut to the hotel. Hotel had a great view, overlooked one of the lakes and was surrounded by mountains. It was cheap too like 60 RMB for one night per person and inclued 3 meals, and they were really good too. The view for dinner was magnificent. Oh and you would all be impressed, not to brag or anything but i am wicked with chop sticks now. WOW!! After supper we went for a quick walk but stayed too long cuz it got dark and we had a bit of difficulty finding our stairs to the hotel. But we managed and then Lisa taught mr to play a chinese game called Majiang, which is kinda like rummmy with dominoes. It was really fun, after a few times with just me and her we then had to invite more people just to laugh at me. THey go so quickl i was always at least a round behind. But by the end and with the help of some of the audience I was yelling out chinese words and winning hands it was a blast.. After a nights sleep on a really hard bed, i could feel the coils of the springs haha, I am gonna love to sleep in huge comfy bed cant wait. but after brekfast which was some steamed bread and rice water or so called porridge which i had to add about a cup of sugar to for some taste i kinda felt bad but thats my sweet tooth, we walked about a million stairs, up to the bus station where we caught a bus, which everything was looking good wether was nice no rain until about 30 min into the drive it started to rain again. But we got to the cable car went right to the top. THe cable car was freaky cuz literally the surrouding view is nothing but white. We are in the clouds. Its 3000m above sea level and nothing to see. Got to the top there is a huge golden buddha which is wehy its called the Golden Summit. I was a lil dissapointed cuz ya couldnt see anythign but still really neat. All around the mountain is pure white, the fog settles between some of the peaks and its just a weird feelign. Hard to breath a bit but i never got sick. All in all it was really good, gives me a reason to come back, i really wanted to see the sea of clouds but not htis time, maybe next time, many years from now. Just ate supper, Lisa's mom is an awesem cook, i never thought i would like chinese food so much, especially after the street food in shanghai, but this was amasing. We ate just pumpkin cooked, and then some vegetable we dont have in canada, and some pork with oinons or seomthing, annd eggs and tomatoes, and some chicken dish, everything was fantastic. Well sorry I put you all through that, had to catch up for the past few days.

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Hit the beach

Today i just relaxed, i decided not to go white water rafting just cuz i wanted to rlax. I am kinda tired an so today really hit hte spot. I layed on the beach for like 5 hours which is alot for me to just lay around and do absolutley nothing. I read a few chapters in the new book forgt the name but from the assembly this year. I am almost doen it, are you mom and dad? Remember we were gonna see who finished it first? Anywyas the weatehr is gorgeous so glad it was nice for my days here. I just rented a chair for the day and stared into the eater. Watched the natural phenomona of the tide bringn up wood and shoes frolm who knows where, The waves were so strong. I tired going in once but such a stong undertoe that it pulled me under and was all over the place. I was glad i didnt know anyoe for a second cuz my bikini was twirled around and i had sand in every pore and creivice in my body. So after that i just waked along the top of the waves. Now i am feeling a bit hot, kinda burnt, but likein it. I went for a swim in my hotel pool which was gorgeous, alil waterfall and everythign quite nice. After done on internet i was gonna go for a final ish of pad thai and then a sunset walk on the beach. And to bed early, since i am up early to travel to Chengdu, just cant wait to get all pushed around by the millions of people in china. Excited to see Lisa though and to climb mount emai. love you all, and miss you too

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Chaing Mai to Phuket

Have not written for a while i knda forget what i did. In chaing Mai we took a tour and went trekking, rode more elephants. Which was a bit funner cuz i got to ride shot gun, right on his head kida cool. Then seen some village people and how simply they live, by simple i mean simple. A baby was being rocke din a hammock and about 4 ft away the family pig was resting with chickens scrambling around. Quite somethgn to see. Did a bit of bamboo rafitn, kinda fun kinda boring. Just float on a stick of bamboo. THen over night trian to Bangkok, which is where it gets interesting. One huge problem occured. I was without money! Yes no money in a foreign Country with three weeks to go. My debit card expeired and no pins on credit cards so i tried calling home and to the bank but no answer. So thank goodness for my roomate from tour (angela) she borrowed me money. I dont know what i would have done with out her. I almost was ready to get on the next flight out of here. But i made it to phuket and it was raining the first day. but today was gorgous. I took a tour to the Phi phi islands and khai islands, very touristy. Jam packed with people but thats phuket for ya, full of tourists. Got a bit of sun. The boat ride on the speed boat was insanely rough, i couldnt tell if i wanted to puke ort laugh. My stomache kept jumping up my throat and then 1 millisecond later it sank deep down inside, it was crazy. but got to see the island so one thing accomplishd. Now i boked naouther tour for tommorow to go white water rafting. SO hopefully it is good i cant back out now. Kinda am tired and just want to relax. I am gonna go buy a few new DVDs for about 1 each and new releases and watch them in my room tonight. I am sick of tv that i cant understand. Well off i go...

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Lees' Last Surprise

Chaing Rai

Lee had a few surprises for us today and the last one was his best yet even better than the pineapple. First we were taken to this temple which was pretty all very bright and shiny, itis new only 12 years old. After so many temples htey are all the same.. WE drove to the Golden Trianlge today which is the border of Laos Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) they all meet and are sepeartaed with a river and a mountain range. SOme people crossed the border into Burma but i decied to climb to a look out point. It was phenomanal to see mountains surrounding this city of Mae Sai, can see the town split at border into Burma, it was quite the view. I wishedi could put up a whle bunch of pictures for everyone to see but you all might have to wait till i get home. Sorry! Then on our way home came lees last surprise. Which because of the rain we almost missed out on, so glad it stopeed for a bit. He told us that we would be a bit scared but just laugh alot. Didnt know what to expect, so when we pulled over at a temple i was like what is this about, then i saw a monkey on the ground. That is right MONKEYS!!! we got to feed the monkeys bananas and peanuts, it was the best thing ever. Wild monkeys reahin for peanuts out of your hands and, moms with teh babies hangin off their bellies. They were not scared at all, there were a few vicius ones that scraed everyonwe away but it was awesome. Such an experience. Tommorrow off to Chaing Mai,

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