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Typhoon delays flight

last days

So yesterday was great, looking forward to coming home, but got do a cooking class. Where we were tooken to a local food market and picked out food. But seen some awful stuff. THe meat part was not appetizing it was quite sad really. I did not enjoy. seen all sorts of animals, just what your thinking, yed i saw it. But he class was fun, we made kuing pao chicken and sweet and sour pork and dumplings. Food was great i ate it all. THen three of us went caving where we walk through 3 km of cave and swim in a mud hole, we came out of the cave and we were in the middle of these fields that were secluded from everythign else. Met a few local farmers on the way out and they looked at us like we wre crazy., In our group we had 5 chinese girls and so in the mud hole i walked up beside one and then they started pickiong up hand fulls of mud nad rubbing it all over me. At first i was liek what is happeniong but then i went along and just threw mud at hem and rubbed it in. It was wierd. Had a supper for the group, caught a night train and made it to hong kong today at like noon. It was raiingn crappy weather. We then realized there was a typhooon warning out. THen looked into my flight just know nad realized that it is delayed until 23:20 tom night. I am so so so so upset, i just want to be home. I don not want to be here any longer. So now i am not sure what to do, i might not get to see mom, and i dont know when i will get into regina. I am really really mad. I dont even like hong kong, sick of being here i jsut want to get home. I guess i will get there eventually even if it is hour hours later. Well off i go to make some phone calls and try to figure this out. this sucks, last day of my trip and it is ruined, i was looking so forward to gettin home and seeing everyone but my hope is dead. Its kinda scary, the hotel is swaying back and forth, since we are on the 21st floor you can really feel it. So tonight we have been jsut sittin aournd in the hotel room hanging out and playing cards and drinkign. Sucky....

Posted by fellner 06:08

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hi all is ok checked out air canada, you stay over night in vancover, A.C. puts you up. You leave 11:00 am sunday morning, arive regina 2:13 pm . I will let them all know. Mom will still be at air port but it can be longer now .....dad

by fellner5

hi just talked to you and now tammy found your blog at the hotel so read it and dad has commented to you so he is keeping check on things,so hang on. you htink you arent having fun think about us sandra sic mom cant move and dad well he is doing better. Tammy and i seem to laugh when we probably should not. so ya hteres our life in a nut shell. love you lots phone you tonight morning for you sleep well HANG ON STAIR WELLS ARE SAFE..... SEE YOU SOON

by Zanchetta

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