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hiking Tiger Leapig Gorge

The most amazing scenery yet, absolutley breathtaking. I dont even know how to describe it. THe first day we hiked from 10 to 5 but with many breaks and taking group pictures takes along time so that was a good wya to get a breather, since the most of hte first day was up ona steep incline. It was kind of a tough climb, felt it at the time but once you reach the top it was absolutley stunning. The mind cannot even fathom teh vastness and immensity of the mountains. THe river being thousands of meters below and a waterfall across the way but yet we could hear it pounding and rushing, just the sound is awesome cant even imagine the power behind it. We had these horses and their ppl follwo us most of the way waiting for us to tire so that w e hire them to give us a ride but lie that woudl ever happen i felt sorry for the horse as it was, climbing this massive mountian over rocks and mud let alone with some lazy ass person on top. Made me feel good for my horses just relaxing in the pasture. but everyonce in a while i would get the arom of maure wandeiing into my nose that would make me slightly miss my boys at home, weird i know. At the top there is this edge that you could go out to to take pictures but the man was trying to charge people 8 yuan for pictures so he got mad at us and we just ignored him, felt kinda rude but how unfair to charge us for a picture after we worked our buts off to get there. I took so many pictures but hte upsetting thing is that if anyone looks at them they wont be able to understand the beauty behind it all. This is definately somthing you have to experience personally to really apprecaite it. WE stayed at tea horse Guest house, so cute amazing view and great food for cheap. I had two huge meals for 5 bucks. WHen i woke up theis morning i looked out the window to see pure white. It had rained and the fog had settled deep into the crevices of the mountain, so throughout the walk we could watch the fog disapear and cme back it was crazy how quickly it would change. Within a minute it would be totally differnt. SO i got to experinnce it in both weathers. Quite nice. I really enjoyed the hike it was amazing!!! ONly 6 days left then home.. cante belive its over already...

Posted by fellner 04:25

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good morning hiker,surprized you didnt swindle a ride from the horses.Your boys are doing great they relax all day long.your hike sounds fantastic.Happy it turned out weather wise. Long way to hike then have the clouds roll in and you could have missd it. Well on to another day here we are getting ready to harvest the peas.But the auger we bought was bent brand new being installed and the boys noticed it was not straight so off to regina at 530 to pick up another new one hopefully this one is not faulty then it has to be attached and it will make harvesting that much quicker they think any way. Weather hot 33 yesterday.Would have loved to have gone swimming. Dad and i went boating the other evening ya in the dug out not fun had to fix our water lines cause it had sunk again lst tie the beaver chewed it off well not sure but this time it was on the bottom sucking dirt.Yaa yuck so hot that fixed hopefully and put pond cleaner all over so we paddled around and poured this cleaner stuff in. Hope it works soon.The color is getting better and smell too.Well sunday morn here so off to bengough to hall, got to go.The house will not be sided cause we had to stop to harvest and looks like all will be ready to do soon.No rest time between unless it cools down or rains. So love you and you have been gone way too long,so anxious to see all your pics too. love mom

by fellner5

hey britt, wow I was behind on my reading, sounds like you have had some beautiful scenery on this tour, your mom and i tried to call the other night but prob no cell service where you are, been doing bits and pieces in the yard every little thing helps on the improvements, It is hot again today, me and jasper just relaxing and going to do the books while brendan sleeps!! looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

by Angbren

hey brit hope all is well on your tour, I hope you read this your mom just wanted me to tell you that your grandpa is having surgery tonite which is august 18th to help his punctured lung and remove the rib that is doing the damage, under very good care at the specialist hospital and doing as well as can be expected, just thought i'd let you know take care and we will see you soon!! I'll keep you posted!!!

by Angbren

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